Zombie Invasion v9.0.1 MOD APK (Free Shop, Upgrade) Download


You are one of the lucky few who have survived after the zombie virus has swept over the entire planet. Get ready to confront the army of zombies using the weapons you’ve been given! They will get more powerful and quicker, and they will also bring with them powerful mutant zombies! As you take out the zombies, your character will level up! Acquire potent abilities and weapons, and maintain your survival! Strive to live for as long as possible while taking on the other players across the world! You have the potential to earn several enjoyable trophies and medals.


  • Over 44 Strong and Distinctive Weapons: Automatic Pistols, Shotguns, Machineguns, Sniper Rifles… but isn’t that enough? So why not blow them up with explosive grenades and anti-tank rockets?
  • Weapon Upgrades: All weapons may be upgraded to make them more powerful!
  • There are several game modes and maps to choose from, including Survival Mode, Defense Mode, Search & Destroy Mode, and maps for each mode! Get rid of the zombies in the city and the laboratory!
  • 25 Unusual and Valuable Skills: Field Medic – Use Medkit to restore health and gain various battle bonuses. Survival – gives you numerous essential talents to help you stay alive. Combat – improve your weapons and abilities to battle zombies. Technician – upgrade the mobile sentry gun, which detects and attacks oncoming zombies, and Demolition – improve explosive weapons and gadgets!
  • Difficulty Level: Does the game feel too easy? Why not give Hardcore Difficulty a shot?
  • Endless Zombie Horde: Zombies will come at you from all directions! They are becoming quicker and stronger as time passes! Prepare yourself with potent weapons and methods!
  • Prepare for Mutant Zombies: When enraged after spawning or being assaulted, the Brute will ignore any damage impact on assaulting. When the Bomber dies, he explodes, causing heavy explosive damage in close proximity. The SWAT Zombie never dies from thousands of gunshots while wearing the protective helmet and body armor. The Hunter takes off at full speed and will not stop until it is dead! Kill it as soon as you see it!
  • Global Leaderboard: Compete with individuals from all around the world!
  • Continuous Updates: The original game was released about two years ago, yet it is still active and updated! There will be more weapons, skills, zombies, game types, and maps!

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