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Have you ever solved a big problem or problem on your own? If not, now you will have the opportunity to face challenges and slowly solve them through Tricky Doors. This is the most exciting adventure game, and players need to go to different places and slowly explore them. More specifically, there are creatures trapped in abandoned mansions, and you need to rescue them successfully. Only you can turn difficulties into simple things and solve them definitively.

Tricky Doors


Your task in this game is to find difficult situations and solve them as quickly as possible. You are also a messenger of peace sent to turn difficulties into convenience. In particular, you will unlock new rooms yourself, and thanks to those rooms, you will discover many mysteries. Deep inside the rooms, there will be new exciting things, and thanks to that, you will see the game more vivid.

Tricky Doors


Difficulties will appear continuously, and it is you who can solve them. You will be able to go to the abandoned villas that were abandoned maybe a few decades ago and start renovating them. The rooms seem to be covered with moss and can’t find a way to turn on the electricity, so you need to fix the electrical system first and then continue with the new task. The rooms will be refreshed immediately if you solve the puzzles and find a part of the game.

Tricky Doors


After you have renovated this villa yourself, you should also renovate the outside areas. Maybe precious creatures will appear imprisoned for the past ten years; you should cut the lock and proceed to rescue them. Challenges are always presented, and you will also see the excitement around. More specifically, it would help if you also found more hidden treasures because those treasures will help you get more support features.

Tricky Doors


  • Embark on a fantastic adventure and unlock the game’s significant challenges to uncover the mystery.
  • Unravel critical entanglements and rescue creatures trapped in large mansions by yourself.
  • Turn hostile worlds into a friendly and perfect world in various ways that the game allows.
  • Go to abandoned areas and exploit novelty points to create an ideal world.
  • Use the game’s support features to create clever ways to not get in the way of exploration.

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