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Catapult 2 is a game where the players will control the character and use the catapult to attack enemies who plan to attack their castle. You will easily control the character and adjust the shooting angle accordingly so that the enemy does not have a chance to attack you. At the same time, you also find different weapons and support features to overcome many different levels. So indeed, this is a game that can entertain you carefully.

The Catapult 2: Grow Castle・Tower Defense・Stickman


The gameplay that players will experience in Catapult 2 is exciting that you will protect your castle from enemies that gradually appear to complete the level. Each level has a certain completion length and corresponds to a day. At the same time, they can appear in any environment, so this game requires the players to have some reflexes and appropriate judgment skills in different situations to defeat the enemy as fast as possible.

You will not need to care about the movement factor because you are on the top of a castle, so you will stand there and shoot balls to attack enemy weapons. You need to swipe your catapult and adjust the right angle to attack the enemy. As for bullets made of stone, their number is infinite, so you can comfortably fire different attack shots. After each game stage, you will receive a certain amount of money.

The Catapult 2: Grow Castle・Tower Defense・Stickman


The first type of enemy that you can find in Catapult 2 is the type of enemy that also uses the same weapon as you, and you will try to stop them from attacking you. That comes from whether they can shoot you accurately or not and avoid too many enemies that exist on the field. In addition, the way to defeat them is straightforward as you can directly shoot them or destroy the weapon to make them useless. So, depending on each attack, you will get a different rating.

Besides the primary enemy type above, many other enemies will appear before your eyes over time. They will always try to destroy the castle or attack you to make you lose. Also, an enemy that you will need to be careful of is explosive transport enemies. They will move gradually to your castle and sometimes withstand multiple attacks. In addition, you can also use your stone bullets as an obstacle to their progress.

The Catapult 2: Grow Castle・Tower Defense・Stickman


Over time, you will ultimately get bored with the basic catapult in Catapult 2, so the way for you to change your experience is to earn money at each level. You will try to complete the level and correspond to each level depending on how you perform. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the basic amount you receive in the game; you can also receive an additional bonus if you achieve more stars.

The money you have will be used in many different ways. As for weapons, you can find a new weapon with a new style to fight your enemies. You can build your castle according to the designs in the game and continue to upgrade it to increase its fortification. At the same time, you can use supports to protect the character and use two skills in battle. The appearance of the character can also be changed depending on your needs. Of course, all of the above factors cost a large amount of money.

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