Tall Man Run v1.38 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems, No ADS) Download


Tall Man Run expands the running track and lengthens the height requirements to give players more choices. You will be running on a new path and making new decisions with each level. They can affect your height and make it difficult for players to confront the boss. However, only with wiser choices can you be sure of winning. In the last stages of the race, players encounter more difficult challenges.

Tall Man Run Tall Man Run


With requirements related to your height and length, Tall Man Run builds many levels for this experience. Each player will take turns from easy to challenging levels. We have added some new levels to this special race track to give you a new challenge. You will finish the level by successfully passing the boss at the end of the track. They may hinder your progress towards the finish line, but body length will get you through it.


Decisions made on the Tall Man Run track will affect your height. The system requires the player to reach the highest possible height to avoid facing difficulties when facing the boss. Players will have to be more thoughtful when running and choosing the boards. When this stretch is over, you will come to the final challenge. A boss awaits with a gigantic appearance.

Tall Man Run Tall Man Run


To complete the level being experienced, the player must defeat the boss of Tall Man Run. The final battle will find the one who possesses the greater power of the two members. You need to make a tricky jump on the mattress. If the player does not meet the system requirements, you will have to start over. However, if you defeat the boss, the player will win. Your reward is coins and unique benefits.


Tall Man Run allows players to explore more options on the track, providing you with an accurate hint of a more profitable choice. From a small stickman, you will become a giant or shrink after your decisions. You’ll have to maintain your wits to get the perfect height and face the boss at the end of each level. Achievements in completed levels will be recognized with precious coin rewards.

Tall Man Run Tall Man Run


  • Discover new running tracks, and do your part to achieve the best results.
  • Improve your performance by winning the boss fight at the end of each match.
  • Players make the right decision when faced with two height choices on the track.
  • The levels will become more complex; players need to upgrade their strength to confront the boss.
  • Recorded achievements will be your chance to receive rewards like coins and benefits from the system.

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