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Survivalcraft 2 is a game that is not too strange for weak players who like Minecraft style. Perhaps players who have experienced the game in the previous version also find this game to be an exciting survival game. In order to help players have more new survival levels, Survivalcraft 2 has continued to be released in a more recent version, and there are many new and improved levels for players to participate in. It can be said that this is an empire playground from magic squares and for players to participate in more interesting challenges.

Survivalcraft 2


Survivalcraft 2 is considered a pretty famous sandbox game based on Minecraft style, and the game has brought many attractive levels for players to explore together. Although players have previously experienced Survivalcraft 1, with this new version, players will have the opportunity to participate in more special survival challenges from the magic squares. The game opens up the world of magic squares on classic but enchanting graphics.

In general, the context in the game is quite diverse, stretching from day to night, summer to winter, with different weather conditions. Players will have to take on the challenge of building shelters to survive the cold winter nights. In fact, in the game, the player will be transformed into a character who is lost in the deep but does not know the way out and has to survive on his own to save his life.

Survivalcraft 2


Similar to other survival games, players will be led along with a familiar storyline. The player will be left on a deserted shore in an infinite cubic world as far as the story’s situation. From now on, players will have to support themselves to all the challenges alone to be able to survive on this coast. Besides, players can create and combine with more than 40 different items to avoid being attacked endure the harsh weather. Really, players will have to do all the activities alone to build a comfortable life for themselves.


It can be said that Survivalcraft 2 recreates quite realistically with everyday life, from horseback riding camel riding to protecting animals from dangers for players to admire. Besides, in the game, to perform survival jobs, players not only make rudimentary tools, but you can also do more sublime jobs such as manufacturing electrical equipment. Honestly, the game always knows how to bring surprises for players to discover. With this game, players should have unlimited creativity in the chain of empire-building tasks as well as find ways to survive with their own hands.

Survivalcraft 2


In addition to the above features, Survivalcraft 2 also allows players to create many different weapons with many new armor sets. In general, similar to the previous version, life in this game is often for ordinary people to be associated with wild nature, forcing you to protect houses and structures from dangers lurking in the forest and high mountains. To survive in this world, players will have to manually mine resources, craft crafts, and craft weapons, from hunting animals for food and farming to taking on tailoring challenges. The game lets you use animals for transportation, protect them from enemies, and craft new devices.

Through the features mentioned above, it has been shown that this survival game is quite interesting for players who want to participate in the challenges of living on that deserted island. Besides, the game always brings new content for players to experience.

Survivalcraft 2


  • A Minecraft-style sandbox survival game that offers fun survival challenges for players to take part in the challenges.
  • The game allows players to create many different weapons, exploit many resources, hunt, gather, cultivate, sew clothes, and build a house to shelter.
  • Recreate quite realistically about wildlife and create rudimentary tools, produce electrical devices to find a way to survive with your own hands.
  • Explore caves, jungles, and many new resources combined with bold weather conditions time change to bring a real survival game.
  • Added more plain armor, tools, and weapons and let players explore more dungeons and vast Magma pits.

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