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Captain Hero is the new Epic street fighting game with engaging fighting gameplay. You will play as a mercenary with the ability to regenerate and superhuman physical strength to be able to defeat all enemies with ease. You can be a spiderman hero or a strength iron hero like a real superhero to enjoy real-time fights.

Captain Hero: Super Fighter


After multiple match wins, you will be able to accumulate a lot of combat experience and unlock new superhero abilities to make your hero even more deadly. All skills provided are different from the skills of iron man, hero spiderman, or any superheroes in other fighting games. This game will bring epic blockbuster action between superheroes and villains from America.


This game takes place in a city full of crime with evil crime bosses with sinister plots, and you have to save the city by defeating them. The whole big US city is under the pressure of super-criminals because of the corrupt police force and army; even spiderman and ironman heroes can’t help you, so you have to try your best to kill crime bosses. This is a fighting action game with melee attacks and epic superpowers with pistols like a shadow ninja.


Captain Hero was created for fans of superheroes from comic books or action movies. In this game, you can collect cash to unlock new perks and superpowers to become an epic superhero. In addition to pistols, you can use future katana guns with passive abilities through power attack evolution in super war.

Captain Hero: Super Fighter


  • Match battles with new combos and champions’ abilities, or use pistols, katanas, skills, or epic abilities to strike enemies in wars.
  • Brawls so superheroes can collect cash and unlock new perks and superpowers to fight criminals and be the proactive superhero in every match.
  • You must do your best to defeat the bosses in the evolution competition by performing melee attacks and epic superpowers to defend your universe.
  • The game context takes place in a crime city for you to show your prowess and rescue the city from the oppression of super-criminals with your strong fighting action.
  • Create new skills by accumulating combat experience of champions and unlocking new superhero skills against villains.

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