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SNKRX is a colorful yet simple design game that turns classic snake games into a rogue-lite arcade shooter. You will control a snake specializing in attacking enemies around it, and here each hero that makes up your snake will have his own attacks, passives, and classes. The game will give players a lot of fun with the attack phase to shoot bullets at the enemy. Owning yourself many attractive confrontation phases of a game inspired by auto-battle will bring you the most relaxing moments of fun.



First, you will control a long snake, and it will shoot bullets to destroy enemies automatically. You will find more than 40 different heroes to create your snake full of power. Each hero in the snake will have different classes, and your job is to combine enough heroes of the same class to unlock the rewards. Your snake will move left or right depending on your control, and it will automatically destroy enemies around its power-affected area.

Enemies outside will find ways to shoot down the color along with them to weaken your snake. Control your snake to move quickly and effectively dodge the attack, and the surrounding enemies also display the blood tree on the screen. Thanks to that, you can easily know the enemy’s strength, and you will collect many heroes of the same level to make the snake longer.



As you combine different heroes to unlock exciting rewards to create your own unique constructions, you will find that the game’s loop is easy to grasp. There are 2 stages for players to explore: the arena and the shop. You will be provided with 3 gold to buy heroes at the shop when you first start playing, each of which makes up a segment in the body of the snake you own.

Depending on the rarity and effective combat ability, each hero has a different price; the higher the price, the stronger the fighting ability. SNKRX has equipped a snake with good fighting ability, and then you will bring it to the arena, control it with the arrow keys to move. Let’s move to an area with many active enemies and get close to making your attack more destructive.



In addition to fighting, players also need to keep in mind the types of heroic units in their class. Each unit is equipped differently, usually from 1 to 3 classes, and you will receive many gifts when you add more units of the same hero. There are many units of the same type, which also greatly affects the player’s win or loss.

Many Rogues will attack enemies with critical hits when dealing damage at critical points. Mage will help you quickly reduce killing enemies when they lower the enemy’s defense. When you gather heroes in the form of a snake, your job is to direct them to wreak havoc on countless enemies in’s 25 SNKRXarenas. You will be able to choose 3 different units simultaneously and use the gold you get to buy more units.



Defeating enemies will make your snake longer, with a maximum length of 7 units and increasing to 12 at the highest level. You need to complete the quests in the gold level arenas to buy heroes in the shop. When you can afford to buy enough copies of the same hero, you help them upgrade their power even more. There are also more than 40 items for you to add powerful influence to your snake. SNKRX added a double-tap to select passives and upgrade items for you.

You will not be bored when you experience more than 25 levels of increasing difficulty during the game. Complement your snake by increasing its stats with more than 12 different classes to achieve the best performance. With a combination of simple graphic design and attractive sound, Kubbi’s soundtrack will stimulate the ability to focus on fighting more for players.

The shooting game genre helps you show your ability to destroy and dodge enemies in the most skillful way. Bring yourself a lot of gold from killing your enemies to buy yourself the freshest hero units. Simple but no less exciting is what you experience in SNKRX. Fight on a mock battle arena and bring yourself the most fun moments when playing the game.

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