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Smiling-X 2 Counterattack! takes players on a journey to uncover an evil corporation and its influential conspiracies. There are many locations related to this corporation that you will need to visit, and within them, there will be objects with various uses. At the same time, you can only use one item at a time, and you will pass through many locations and do not miss any valuable messages.

Smiling-X 2 Counterattack!


In Smiling-X 2 Counterattack!, players will control the character to go through many different locations, and these locations are all related to a strange corporation. At the same time, with the management of this corporation, strange things begin to appear, and you will be the one to find the reason to be able to solve the related problem. The journey you participate in is not easy, so you will spend time interacting with the surrounding elements and finding the necessary items in the game.

Players will control the character from a first-person perspective and access the basic controls. These control buttons cannot make it difficult for players because they are just buttons to move and interact with surrounding elements. So most of the time, focus on exploring the world in the game and solving the puzzles that this world gives you. It will undoubtedly be a long journey with diverse environments with interactive elements.

Smiling-X 2 Counterattack!


When you get to the first level in Smiling-X 2 Counterattack!, you’ll find many different paths because it’s a drainage system. Of course, there will be characters with clown masks that will sometimes follow you, so you will need to be careful in facing them. A notable point when solving this first level is that you can get lost, requiring you to observe your surroundings accurately and carefully.

The objects in this level are placed in different positions, and if you are not careful, you can easily ignore them. At the same time, the number of items that you can use in the level is only one, so you will need to drop an existing item to continue using other items. In addition, there will be signs so you can know what items you need to find to progress in this game.

When you get close to an interactive element, the player will see a button pop up, and when you press it, a message will appear. You will read the message to guess the item that can solve the obstacle ahead, and from there, you can continue the experience. It is a challenge that any player must go through, and that is just the beginning when many levels need you to explore.

Smiling-X 2 Counterattack!


Once you get past the first level in Smiling-X 2 Counterattack!, you’ll undoubtedly be able to unlock different locations. The common point of the locations in this game is the complexity that players are forced to face. Each object has different elements of detail, and you will need to rummage through all the space within them to find the item you need. Also, when you go to a level and locate the right item, a notification will appear.

When the message appears, you will be able to quickly find the target to continue working on and go to the next level. At the same time, if you feel that the current difficulty is nothing compared to your ability, the game offers a wide range of different difficulty levels. You can freely choose the difficulty for yourself, and it is suitable for people from beginners to skilled. So, this is a puzzle journey that anyone cannot ignore.

Smiling-X 2 Counterattack!

Players will go on a journey of discovery about an evil corporation:

  • An evil corporation with many different mysteries requires you to go on a challenging journey to find objects and solve related problems.
  • The environments in the game all possess many complex elements that the player is forced to explore and find the necessary objects.
  • The announcements in this game all have helpful information because it helps you know what items to collect to go to the next level.
  • There will be characters wearing strange masks, and you will need to be careful while exploring as they can sometimes follow you.
  • The game has many different difficulty levels for you to choose from, and this is suitable for many players from beginner to skilled.

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