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Rise of Steel simulates the life of machines that can transform into many different shapes and fight against the inhabitants of the city. They are trying to create a real battlefield, where iron ore becomes the ruler. However, that is not easy when there are so many machines appearing. The fierce competition begins with the first destruction missions. The player controls his machine to go deep into the location and perform the assigned task.

Rise of Steel


In the form of an armored warrior, the player will travel through various areas of the city and look for opportunities to perform missions assigned by Rise of Steel. However, you can also transform the shape to make everything smooth. A sphere with absolute durability can make it difficult for the police to move, and a car will be the shape to bypass the surveillance of the security system easily. Players can also choose to transform into an airplane and move quickly.

Rise of Steel


Rooted in mysterious mountains, you were created with the dream of becoming the ruler in the world of Rise of Steel. What unfortunately happened was the presence of hundreds of other players, who also came to the central point in search of life-changing opportunities. Players receive information related to the story’s origin, helpful hints, and start their journey. The competition that goes on every day can be exhausting, but the prestigious rewards you receive will make you happy.

Rise of Steel


The competition will begin when the leaderboards are established. Rise of Steel’s main screen will display information related to rankings, routes, and even an expanded map. Players can view the city from a 3rd personal perspective, rotating around the character to admire the success of the new armor. Special strategies can help you win your dream positions on the leaderboard. It would be great if this machine could rule the city with its power!

Rise of Steel


Rise of Steel brings a new experience where you will use different looks and skills to survive. Fierce competition between machines gradually affects people’s lives, and your flexible transitions can catch many opponents off guard. Hundreds of machines gather in the heart of the city, and the confrontations promise to bring a great experience space. Players build their character image and fight for the top spot.

Rise of Steel


  • Take on the new challenge set in the city’s championship tournament, where the most potent machines gather and fill the air.
  • Explore the updated version with lots of new content added or modified; players can also provide feedback to help us improve it.
  • The machines originating from the remote mountains are created by artisans and carry the leader’s mission; you will help them conquer it.
  • Experience incredibly realistic combat when meeting city dwellers, police, or friends. This is the most intense and dangerous competition.
  • Operate in a multi-dimensional space, see things in a third-person perspective and transform into various objects such as giant spheres, cars, and planes.

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