Radio India FM v3.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Download


Are you a lover of the Indian language and the songs of this country? Then get an application that helps you listen to all the radio stations of this country right away, the FM Radio India all stations application. With this application, you like owning a portable radio that can be carried everywhere. Listen to the radio every day, every hour, even when you sleep with a convenient sleep timer or alarm. More new features than the radio!

FM Radio – all India radio FM Radio – all India radio


FM Radio India all stations brings together all of India’s super hot FM radio stations or radio stations such as Mirchi, Mango, city radios, etc. So, users can listen to all the current broadcasts on the stations included in the application. Whether it’s news, sports, or music, it’s all played on this app. Users do not need to register an account to use the application; they just download it. The language system in the application uses Indian.

You can listen to any Indian radio station on the internet even when you are abroad. To increase sound quality, users can use headphones or speakers to experience sound clarity on the radio. This app can also listen to recent popular discussions or podcast shows. If you are an Indian, this is definitely your go-to app for news and entertainment. If you are a person who loves and is learning Indian, this will be a listening tool with standard sound.


Have you ever been in the situation of listening to music so passionately that you fell asleep until morning and your phone ran out of battery? With the soothing sound of FM Radio India, all stations music, and podcasts, that may well be the case. However, the application has a solution to this problem for you. It’s a sleep timer, and you can schedule a time to listen to the radio to turn off the application automatically.

Users can completely relax to listen to music without waking up and turning off the application. In particular, the application also has another feature that is an alarm. Usually, radio stations will have a morning alarm program, and the user can set the morning alarm according to the station you wake up in the settings to set a wake-up time.

In addition, a mode that helps protect your eyes when using the application is the light-dark screen mode. During the day, users can customize the screen in white background mode to clearly see the content displayed in the application. At night, users can switch the screen to a black background to protect their eyes when using the application in the dark. It provides not only an excellent experience for your ears but also protects your eyes!

FM Radio – all India radio FM Radio – all India radio


Your favorite radio stations, podcasts, or music can be added to your favorites list. Thanks to this list, when you want to listen to the programs you want again or quickly access your favorite station, you will save a lot of time searching. Without limitation, these favorites can also be shared with friends via SMS, email, or social networks. Bring the world of Indian sounds to your friends!

Even this application is so convenient that you can still use it without direct access. This application allows audio to be played even when you are using other applications. Or control listening to the radio in the notification bar on your phone or floating on the lock screen.


  • The app is like a convenient mini radio to listen to all the songs or shows that are playing live on stations in India, even if you are abroad.
  • Aggregate many popular FM and radio stations in India with podcasts, music, news or sports shows, etc.
  • Sleep timer causes the app to stop playing music when it reaches the set time automatically. Set the alarm for your favorite station.
  • Add your favorite music, podcasts, or stations to a playlist for convenient playback or access. Share them with your friends via social networking sites.
  • Continue listening to online radio even when you are not accessing the application or are using another application.

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