Project Clean Earth v1.16 MOD APK (Free Purchase, God Mode) Download


A kind of gameplay that combines Roguelike elements with Hack and Slash (H&S). Graphics is reminiscent of the pixel era and a compelling post-apocalyptic setting. Sci-fi video game with a dynamic focus on the survival element. Radiation has spread across the world and corrupted its surface. The greatest weapon of humanity, codenamed “Bernard,” arrives on earth to eradicate the mutants, who are the only creatures left. To finish the project and get rid of all the mutants, Bernard will need to be upgraded with dozens of different weapons, drones, relic objects, and events.


  • Combine ranged, melee, area-of-effect, and drone weaponry in a strategic manner.
  • Every time you play, new roguelike artifacts and events of a random nature will be introduced, ensuring that you will never become bored.
  • Determine the strategies used by the many and one-of-a-kind mutant monsters to attack, then eliminate them.
  • Become more powerful and experiment with many stages and modes.

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