Pixel Blade Revolution v2.1.6 MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit, Speed) Download


If you like sandbox games, then Pixel Blade Revolution is the go-to choice for players to choose for entertainment. In the game, players will be able to participate in new activities and carry out fierce battles with a large army of enemies with superior strength. Conquering dungeons and collecting lots of loot are the two main elements of the game and let the player become the strongest hero in it.

Pixel Blade Revolution – Offline Idle RPG


As one of the sandbox games, Pixel Blade Revolution has brought unique levels that make players immerse themselves in it. As you all know, many years have passed since the pixel heroes were saved, the town was recreated until now, but once again devastated. Therefore, players have to transform into pixel hero characters to participate in a survival game world directly in the game.


In general, the gameplay of Pixel Blade Revolution is quite simple, combining elements of many game genres. Players will have to engage in battles with enemies to conquer the darkness to fight monsters of varying difficulty. At the same time, during the game, players will also be able to choose game modes suitable for their characters, such as producing weapons guns and using many different dungeons.

Pixel Blade Revolution – Offline Idle RPG Pixel Blade Revolution – Offline Idle RPG


During the game, players can upgrade traps weapons, use coins to upgrade, or take out many legendary weapons left by monsters. Almost all of them are very important for the player to defeat all those types of enemies. Multiplayer mode will allow players to survive with up to 3 different players. Besides, players also have to conquer dungeons and collect various legendary weapons to become the best coat.

In fact, this game has many outstanding features compared to previous sandbox games, and at the same time, players have more opportunities to experience with more and more attractive levels.

Pixel Blade Revolution – Offline Idle RPG Pixel Blade Revolution – Offline Idle RPG


  • The sandbox genre’s pixel game has had awe-inspiring levels for players because of its eye-catching 3D graphics and diverse sound system.
  • Players can experience many different worlds to explore, hunt monsters, collect loot, and maintain survival in every battle with monsters.
  • The game allows playing online co-play with up to 4 players together in the friends’ list for more fun experiences.
  • Different Craft items with secret combinations through different game modes like Survival, Arena, Exploration, and craft a variety of traps to protect your survival.
  • Combine different items together to create an entirely new item with more weapons to serve during a battle with enemies.

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