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The world is under intense attack from aliens, and CyberSphere will bring together those wars. This is the most typical action game, and players will perform a series of assigned tasks on their own. You will both combine your own strength and use the accompanying robot to fight powerfully with all those enemies. Especially the game also gives you a series of useful features to help you overcome challenges more easily and decisively.

Combat of CyberSphere: Online


The world has begun to appear alien elements, and this problem has become alarming. It looks like aliens are coming to your world and waging a series of takeover wars. This war is illegal, so we need to take action. Players need to make a big war to gain all that they have lost and make the righteous war.

This battle takes place that requires you to possess great strength in the capacity as well as more enthusiastic support from the robots. These robots will help a lot in this fight, and more specifically, you will coordinate with them. CyberSphere will create an excellent war for you, and you will also have to give your best to these wars. Be a brave warrior to overcome these obstacles.

Combat of CyberSphere: Online


You will need to receive expensive support from CyberSphere, which is also the exciting thing you need to explore. The alien force is huge and can double our army. However, no matter how difficult it is, we will easily overcome it and be able to contribute to the world. The aliens will be afraid of the barrage of attacks from you, and they will be afraid to carry out these battles.

The weapons are fully provided for you to use for a righteous purpose. You will be overwhelmed with this great arsenal of weapons, which can be an energy weapon to defeat the weak. Or you are also surprised by the widely used laser guns to get practical energy from the aliens. The robots always create a solid shield for you to make a big fight like this.

Combat of CyberSphere: Online


Entering this war, you will perform key attacks to take the battle position for yourself. It would help if you then did a series of quests that CyberSphere offers to win useful upgrades to make the next battle. These attacks will be very fierce, and it seems that the player will be surprised by the growth. However, it would help if you also exploited all the aspects that you have to fight to the end. You need to use the map of the area and observe all the changes of the planet in order to conclude these attacks accurately.

Use destructive weapons to wreak havoc on the other side’s hordes of monstrous robots. Then it would help if you continued to make attractive upgrades to be able to turn difficult situations into opportunities to attack. Replacing the gun concentration continuously as well as offsetting the series of energy will help the player a lot. In particular, you also need to use protection in time to avoid unnecessary bumps in this tough life-and-death battle. Upgrade more robots so they can become more vital to fight a series of enemies.

Different from other super products, CyberSphere action blockbuster creates overwhelming suspense. Users can take advantage of great opportunities to make spaceships their own. More specifically, the game will also give you practical solutions so that you can deal with all those aliens. Players will have to fight hard and change guns actively to create class swings.

Combat of CyberSphere: Online


  • Become someone who can afford to take on this tough fight and always find a way to bring the world through the barrier.
  • Use protective suits to avoid their evil attacks and seize the opportunity to fight effectively.
  • Get the capable robots right away to be able to fight the hordes of robots on the other side and use the controller to make this fight.
  • Use the essential weapons that the game provides, such as guns, nuclear weapons, or energy weapons, to defeat those attacks.
  • Always grasp their weaknesses and create opportunities to win.

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