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My Bakery Empire allows you to take on the main role of a special pastry shop owner. This role-playing game aspires to give players the best experience and possibly new developments. A bakery has all the necessary items; you should create the hottest cakes to win customers’ hearts. Attracting others to buy your cake is what the game wants, increasing the revenue for the bakery and growing the decadent bakery.

My Bakery Empire: Cake & Bake


In this game, you are a little girl who is given a bakery, and you have to take it over. Everything seems to be up to you, including baking or branching out. This challenge is relatively tricky for you, but it is also your passion to solve it satisfactorily. Players should also come up with a series of plans to execute quickly in order to develop the bakery more in many ways.

First, your main job will be to run and manage the family bakery. Learn more esoteric recipes from the people at home and have them follow your reception closely. You have to experiment and create your own special cakes to help your bakery grow stronger. Moreover, you also have to import more ingredients to ensure the best batch of cakes, attracting customers to visit your shop.

My Bakery Empire: Cake & Bake


What My Bakery Empire wants is that you can develop a cake shop and create new cakes. The cakes that meet the requirements and the fresh cakes for the bakery are exactly what you need to do. More specifically, the player will always provide you with a variety of new ingredients and quality ingredients to create delicious cakes. The game will also provide for each request that you set out to ensure the effectiveness of the bakery.

My Bakery Empire: Cake & Bake

The game provides you with a variety of machines so that you can make delicious cakes. New forms of decoration will make the cake more attractive than ever. Players will also always be provided by the game with modern cake models for you to follow to meet the necessary needs. Moreover, customers will also give more types, and you base on that to do exactly what the customer requires.


It would help if you had a big plan that is to generate significant revenue for the bakery. You should also set a major requirement for yourself to overcome: opening new branches. These branches will grow based on the requirements you set, and that is what you are cherishing. Moreover, you also have to recruit more employees to serve the bakery to grow stronger in the future.

My Bakery Empire: Cake & Bake

It would help if you also invited your friends to the bakery to show them how you do business and share your experiences. These friends will help you by providing more capital to be able to expand this bakery. Players need to add a series of great incentives to help their customers visit more. Players will also have to make a series of big expenditures to develop the richer store than ever before. My Bakery Empire allows you to do that and, of course, will provide you with additional related support features.

My Bakery Empire gives you a bunch of unique features that you can use to create a good reputation. Players need to use more advanced machines and ingredients to create delicious cakes. Especially the game also gives you a series of significant challenges, and you have to fight with friends to win the championship. We need creativity in baking, and decorating more attractive than other places is a plus.

My Bakery Empire: Cake & Bake


  • Take on the main task of becoming the small owner to take over the family bakery and run the business.
  • Create new cakes, cakes on-demand to attract visitors.
  • Make cakes according to customers’ requirements to create unique things for this bakery.
  • Always provide new ingredients and additional accessories to make lovely cakes.
  • Invite friends to visit your bakery and develop larger chains of bakeries if desired.
  • Offer special offers to loyal customers so they can support you longer than before.

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