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“Mount and Magic” is an exhilarating action RPG that beats enemies in a row. It is said that the adventurer who defeated the golden skeleton obtained a huge amount of treasure. Is that wasteland a harbinger of doom, or is it a new golden land where unknown treasures sleep? Destroy the monsters of the wilderness with magic and become as strong as possible!

Mount and Magic Mount and Magic

Some players all over the world will come to think of this game as a trusted companion. They can take it out and start playing whenever they have some spare time. Plus, it’s a breeze to pick up and play, so it’s great for passing the time. This is a great game for students to play during their lunch break or for office workers to enjoy during their afternoon downtime. Not only is it compact, but it can remain on your phone permanently. You can store it in that spot and get it out to play with whenever the mood strikes.


This game’s popularity can be attributed to its Retro pixel graphical style. They may find a game that’s so visually appealing that they won’t be able to stop playing it. After some time with the game, you’ll realize that its visuals are noticeably more detailed than the average video game. Including Roguelike, mechanics elevates the enjoyment factor and difficulty of the game. Remember that you only get one shot at this life. Getting killed is a guaranteed way to lose this game. It’s a bummer to have to restart the game.

Mount and Magic Mount and Magic

This game’s popularity stems partly from the sheer variety of skins available to customize your character. One can start playing after selecting a skin. If you grow weary of it, replace it. You can buy any stunning ensemble you like if you have the means. In addition, the game offers a plethora of extras to play for. They provide power for every single person on the planet. Take the fight to them to unlock them as you progress in levels. Greetings, and may you find much joy in the Mount and Magic universe!

Confused about which power-up to choose? Attacks are auto-attacked, and you acquire experience gems dropped by enemies to level up your character. A boss will appear at regular intervals. When leveling up, you can choose to strengthen from 3 power-ups. It’s a casual action with a roguelite element that supports each time differently.

Mount and Magic


It feels good to exterminate a large number of undead. Directly related to the so-called “Vampire Survivors”, the pleasure of Ikki Tousen, who can defeat many enemies. A feeling of inflation that becomes stronger with simple operation, a feeling of playing a different adventure every time, and an exhilarating sense of annihilating the enemy. There is something irresistible. It’s a super addictive game that will keep you playing for hours even though it doesn’t have a storyline.


  • Choose a stage to fight!
  • More dangerous and rewarding stages will be unlocked if you meet the conditions.
  • I’m glad that there are plenty of character skins!
  • If you change the skin, the ability will also change.
  • A boss appears at regular intervals!
  • If you defeat it, you can power up with a treasure chest.
  • It’s hard to understand its effect, but I’m grateful you translated it into Japanese.
  • The process of finding the best character build might be the most interesting.
  • Choose from a variety of skills, evolve them, and defeat your enemies!
  • There is also a bonus production, so it feels good anyway. It’s a drug pleasure.

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