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Metal Detector allows the user to perform many measurements related to electronic waves, magnetic fields, and metals. This measurement can be made, and small changes will result in important data for the user. At the same time, users also need to pay attention to the application requirements for device configuration and turn off some electronic devices to avoid affecting the results.

Metal Detector – EMF detector, Body scanner Metal Detector – EMF detector, Body scanner


In Metal Detector, users can find some features that make it possible to identify some aspects through variable parameters. Users can see the displayed parameters and display changes through the accompanying charts for easy search. At the same time, these changes are influenced by electronic waves, magnetic fields, and metals, so there are many useful applications to use this application in searching.


Users can apply it to different activities after knowing what objects Metal Detector looks for. Some metal objects can be hidden so users can scan inside their environment to find them quickly. At the same time, certain lines can be easily identified, or important pipes inside your house. So, the search becomes more convenient, but there are also some factors to pay attention to.

Metal Detector – EMF detector, Body scanner Metal Detector – EMF detector, Body scanner


Users will certainly be interested in what units it uses when making measurements with Metal Detector. The application supports many different types of units, and of course, you will be able to adjust for different exact measurements. At the same time, the smaller the selection of measurement units, the more visible the change when the goal you are looking for appears. In addition, the application is also affected by many factors, so users need to be careful in their measurements.


The use of the application on different devices is subject to some of the respective requirements that this application provides. Therefore, if it is not met, you cannot use these features, and additionally, the measurement needs to consider the affected devices. Any electronic device can sometimes emit wavelengths, so users need to turn off these wavelengths before taking measurements.

Metal Detector – EMF detector, Body scanner

Users will be able to find these features helpful in measuring several factors:

  • Users can use the device to find locations with magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, and metals and apply the feature to many cases.
  • Finding these factors often comes from changing parameters when taking measurements and helping users realize the exact location.
  • Users can find many different units of measurement and help you get detailed parameters and recognize changes more quickly.
  • You need to understand the configuration requirements of the device clearly, and if it does not match, the application’s features cannot function.
  • Several factors may affect the quality of your measurements during the measurement process, so some electronic devices need to be turned off first.

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