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Mergest Kingdom will take you to different gardens where you will have a special mission. This unique simulation game is officially revealed; players will have to find the hidden heroes themselves. The heroes were caught by evil curses and disappeared without a trace. So now you have to find the presence of that hero yourself because heroes will help you conquer monsters, enemies and protect the unique cloud garden.

Mergest Kingdom: Merge Puzzle


Your job now is to rescue the heroes. Each hero will have a separate mission because they are the ones who cannot disappear in this game. Now the rescue will take a lot of time, and the difficulties will always pile up. Players need to use the navigation feature to help us determine what to do. First, you have to look closely at the picture that the heroes have left.

There is a featured weapon in the image. You should choose a piece of that weapon and match it with two of the same pieces to create a larger puzzle. You use that larger puzzle to continue to find two similar pieces and proceed to reassemble. When the last three pieces are put together, your hero is rescued. You must do the same with the remaining two heroes, in turn, to reunite soon.


After you successfully rescue three popular heroes, the heroes will divide to govern the designated lands in Mergest Kingdom. Players will lead the heroes back to that garden and perform all the tasks. You will lead the heroes to drive away all the enemies that come to disturb, moreover you should also let the heroes take care of the plants in the garden. When they produce sweet fruits, these plants will add strength to the heroes.

Mergest Kingdom: Merge Puzzle Mergest Kingdom: Merge Puzzle

Monsters will attack the garden, and you must build a defense immediately. They want to destroy your garden and build a terrible battle strategy. Heroes must confront them harshly to have the opportunity to stop and destroy them. Use all of the heroes’ powers to attack them to restore them to their original form. Use unique weapons to make it easier to destroy.


You should upgrade those three gardens to a new level and harvest valuable crops. The sweet fruits in the garden will help heroes gain more strength when eaten. More specifically, players should also upgrade their superheroes in both strength and enthusiasm. The upgrade of superheroes is to serve our care and management of this cloud garden well. Moreover, the upgrade will help the heroes have enough strength to attack a series of enemy troops and monsters.

Through here, Mergest Kingdom gives us enjoyable feelings with vivid gameplay. Players will challenge themselves at different levels and obtain desirable results. Players will also exploit a lot of aspects from the hint that the game offers. Fighting with monstrosities will help you receive worthy prizes and items.

Mergest Kingdom: Merge Puzzle Mergest Kingdom: Merge Puzzle
  • Help the heroes escape the curse and return safely to the garden of the clouds.
  • Each person will govern a separate land and have the common task of ensuring the safety of that land.
  • Always find common ground and match them together to rescue your hero successfully.
  • Restore lost strength and devise reasonable defense strategies to defeat the enemy.
  • Use all the unique weapons in the game and defeat the fierce monsters to win.
  • Acquire valuable items and use them to take care of the plants in this fairy garden.

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