Merge Ninja Star 2 v1.0.397 MOD APK (Menu/God Mode, Unlocked) Download


Merge Ninja Star 2 is an extremely simple fighting role-playing game. With lovely graphics and easy movement and attack, the game attracts many players, including children. Players will discover many new lands in this game by going through many levels, collecting many good items, and using the right weapons. Play entertaining games anytime, anywhere with your friends!

Merge Ninja Star 2


Merge Ninja Star 2 is a battle between the ninja and the monster’s opponent. The player transforms into a ninja, acting alone to fight monsters. First, choose a look for your ninja. With small, lovely character drawings, the ninjas in the game are designed quite funny but still carry the mystery of a ninja. Many ninjas differ in appearance, outfit, gender, and attached weapons. Players choose a character they feel most like to start the ninja adventure journey.

The first skill class you need to equip is movement. This is a simple game, just like the childhood games of 5 years ago. Players just need to hold down the screen to let your character fly and release the screen to move to the ground. Note moving to avoid obstacles in the air. Touching an object will cause your character to die. Move your ninja character to touch the coin strip to collect them. Using coins can be exchanged for many costumes and other accessories in the game in the shop.

Merge Ninja Star 2 Merge Ninja Star 2


Your opponents in Merge Ninja Star 2 are monsters. In each level, the monsters are of a different type. They are divided into two large groups: small monsters and Big Boss. Small monsters usually don’t attack and appear at the beginning of a level or at the beginning of levels—the attacks the small monsters to get used to the pace of the game. The Big Boss is a giant monster. They have moved and can attack you back. Dodge their attacks and shoot back. Especially killing Big Boss gives you a large amount of money. Each monster is different; this is also an excitement to conquer.

The game has hundreds of different levels. Logically built according to the progress of the player’s skill development, the game’s difficulty is set accordingly. The more you go up to the new levels, the more complex the difficulty increases. This is also a challenge because it’s too easy and not fun! Naturally, each level is a new type of monster, a space type, and a new challenge. The space in the game also impresses with a simple but not sloppy graphic design.

Merge Ninja Star 2 Merge Ninja Star 2


Do you think each ninja is equipped with a unique weapon such as knives, darts, etc.? No, all of them can be used by your ninja character in a battle. Your arsenal is located underground with pre-purchased equipment such as darts, darts, arrows, etc. As you move, the player chooses weapons to attack monsters. Upgrade your weapons continuously with specific instructions in the upgraded room. A good weapon will increase your strength and deal a lot of damage to the enemy.

This will be a fun game suitable for all players. The gameplay is simple, not fussy. The game is free and does not require an internet connection. So, even a child or a person can easily download and start the battles in Merge Ninja Star 2. Transform into a ninja for once and conquer new levels!


  • Become a ninja with the appearance of your liking. Start the journey to conquer the challenges.
  • Take training to learn how to move and use weapons. Collect lots of coins to exchange for the outfit you like.
  • Hundreds of levels with hundreds of monsters lurking to attack you back. The difficulty increases gradually along with attractive rewards.
  • The underground arsenal is also equipped with a lot of good items. Upgrade them every day to be able to increase their power.
  • The game is free, simple, fun, and suitable for many players, including children. Experience entertainment even when you don’t have an internet connection.

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