Junkyard Keeper v1.3.4 MOD APK (Free Rewards, No ADS) Download


While navigating the enormous junkyard in your collection truck, you must clear up the various types of trash that have accumulated there, including food leftovers, scrap metal, and more. Bring the waste to your base so that it may be recycled and turned into a source of revenue. In the meantime, you’ll be searching the junkyard for buried riches and perhaps even pieces to put together new and powerful automobiles!

Continue to get access to further improvements for your cars. Spend some money to expand the carrying capacity of your truck, increase the pace at which it moves, and even evolve your vehicle to the next level so that it may grow larger and more effective.


  • Play that is exquisite, effortless, and thoroughly entertaining
  • incredibly gratifying physical phenomena
  • The soothing visuals and motion animation will put you at ease.
  • Unlock a variety of waste products and a variety of junkyard settings.
  • Take charge of your scrap yard, and you could just find some hidden riches.

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