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John Hero takes players to war against dangerous gangs in a 2D world with a character who specializes in using katana. Characters will be able to launch different attacks and can gain additional skills through unlocking the skill tree. At the same time, players also need to have a certain amount of money to make the upgrade, and depending on their luck; they will be able to get a large amount of money.

John Hero


In John Hero, players will accompany John Wick using a katana weapon and participating in battles against a criminal gang. The player’s task is completely understandable, which is to destroy all the enemies that appear on a screen with the character’s skills. At the same time, the character moves in a 2D environment and can move up and down to dodge enemy attacks and find a reasonable way to approach them.

Players will control the character with a joystick and a primary attack button, and on the right side of the screen, more different attack buttons will appear from time to time. So players will have the opportunity to adapt these controls in battles against different enemies. In addition, the number of enemies in a level will be unpredictable and powerful enemies like bosses will cause many difficulties for players.

John Hero


As mentioned above, new skills will appear in John Hero and help the character have more flexible attacks and movements in combat. The character’s skill system combines into a skill tree, and you will need to upgrade the previous skill to reach the next skill. At the same time, you also need to determine that the skills that lie behind will cost you a lot of money.

There are many ways to earn money in this game, and most of it is completing the different levels. These levels can help you get different amounts of money, and this game allows you to choose a reward after completing it. Specifically, players will see chests containing a different amount of money. If you are lucky, you can pick the highest amount and use it to upgrade your skills.

John Hero

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the battles against gangs:

  • Players will control the character using a katana and try to fight off the criminal gang’s enemies with continuously unlocked skills.
  • Players can move freely inside the 2D environment and complete the task in the levels that are to destroy all the enemies that constantly appear.
  • At some levels, enemies with great damage will appear, and the player must be careful while attacking them.
  • The skill system brings new powers to the character and requires unlocking to help the character have flexible moves.
  • In many cases, the player will be able to get different rewards depending on the chest they choose, and if lucky, that is the highest amount.

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