Idle Zombie Survival v3.1.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download


Idle Zombie Survival is a name inspired by the zombie pandemic theme, but it develops in a relatively new style of play and is worth looking forward to. No longer the fierce and bloody battles like other games where you will build facilities to earn a lot of money and the money earned will be used to upgrade your army of zombie-slaying heroes and protect the human world.

Idle Zombie Survival Idle Zombie Survival


You will need to equip yourself with an attractive opening to stimulate the player’s desire with all games. Idle Zombie Survival is set when the world situation is stressful and complicated because the zombie pandemic has broken out violently. They were numerous and began to attack all the survivors to convert them to their own kind.

Now the world situation is in jeopardy, and humanity will face a very high risk of extinction. You cannot sit and watch everything will gradually sink into death, so you will gather all the strong warriors to stand up to attack the zombies. The main task that you will have to aim for is to stop the rapid spread of zombies as soon as possible and start destroying them all.

Idle Zombie Survival Idle Zombie Survival


And to be able to meet its users’ expectations, Idle Zombie Survival has also created extremely attractive gameplay. Players will be involved in zombie battles with many different characters that you can hire very easily. It would help if you combined the characters together in the most suitable way so that they can easily defeat the zombies.

Along with that will also be the variety of skills of the characters that can be used directly in their battles. And with different battles, players will be able to achieve certain achievements and receive for themselves countless valuable rewards. And to be able to combine all the unique features of the gameplay, the producers are also very psychological when choosing for themselves the Idle genre, which is extremely simple but very dramatic.

Idle Zombie Survival


  • The game is designed based on the Idle style, which is very simple but highly flexible.
  • The plot of the game is created based on the background of the apocalypse with the mass spread of zombies everywhere.
  • The main task will be set with the players to prevent the spread and quickly kill zombies to protect the world.
  • The fighting gameplay between the heroic characters inside the game with the rampant zombies will be extremely attractive.
  • The graphics of the game are designed exceptionally beautifully, with the context of the streets being invaded by zombies incredibly realistic.

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