Idle Medieval Town v1.1.31 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download


Idle Medieval Town is a medieval town-building simulation game and lets you become a construction tycoon. You will be able to scale your empire by mining and building houses or factories. In addition, the player also has to develop industries and produce different items such as weapons and craft many other ways to develop the economy. It would help if you also defended yourself before the enemies of other countries came to invade the land.

Idle Medieval Town – Tycoon, Clicker, Medieval


To be able to become the lord of a large area in Idle Medieval Town, you must build many factories to collect gold coins. Build your own weapon store to stock up on when the enemy attacks, and open more mining locations and hotels for residents in the area. If you play offline, profits for these activities will continue to run as normal.

Grow your empire to unlock more new stores, and upgrade your kingdom into the most developed civilization in the region. To be able to unlock more buildings, you can also start collecting money from hotels and business shops. Besides, you can unlock other buildings in the Town Hall section to choose and start building. As you progress to new grounds, the game still allows you to access old buildings to manage and unlock more recent buildings.

Idle Medieval Town – Tycoon, Clicker, Medieval Idle Medieval Town – Tycoon, Clicker, Medieval


You can upgrade the profits of buildings to gain more money by changing the appearance of the building with different colors and decoration layouts. Idle Medieval Town will provide a multiplier towards collecting gold when you reach a high level.


Production speed in the game is also essential as it will increase your profits and lead to faster crafting. In addition, this helps you respond to customer needs faster and not keep customers waiting long and then leaving. Each building will have a certain number of employees to serve the jobs in it, and you will use your available gold to hire more or can wait to unlock new employees not to spend gold.

Idle Medieval Town – Tycoon, Clicker, Medieval Idle Medieval Town – Tycoon, Clicker, Medieval


  • Many challenges at all different levels for players to experience and discover more new lands.
  • Fun animated 3D graphics and beautiful scene rot.
  • Manage your own medieval city with an extensive building system and collect lots of gold coins.
  • Unlock new stores or upgrade them to increase income.
  • Build weapons shops, hotels, and mining buildings to serve the production.

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