Idle Car Factory v14.6.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download


More than that, do you want to become a wealthy boss, managing a famous and well-known car factory in the world? If so, do not hesitate to join the game to experience and receive what this game offers! Idle Car Factory: Car Builder promises to give you the freedom to design and unleash your creativity in creating a new car.

Idle Car Factory: Car Builder


Coming to Idle Car Factory, players will have the opportunity to understand and broaden their horizons about managing a factory. With your business and professional talent in automotive design, you have officially established yourself as a car manufacturing company with a moderate scale, capable of meeting the needs of the people in the city’s present street. It can be said that, except for motorbikes, cars are also considered a popular means of transport for everyone. That’s why you have created this company to bring consumers the most majestic and modern vehicles.

Idle Car Factory: Car Builder

Idle Car Factory: Car Builder


The production of cars in Idle Car Factory is carried out at scale in a new and creative way. To run the company in the best way, you cannot lack a team of employees. They are all hard-working people who have a bit of knowledge and experience in car parts, so it’s easier to create products. Besides, it is indispensable for repair technicians and some excellent automotive designers to join and accompany their company. In addition, all workers work with diligence, continuity, and meticulousness.


The car manufacturers they created at Idle Car Factory, players will admire the most beautiful and vivid game interface ever. With more than dozens of cars with rich colors and designs, all the characters appearing in the game are also very delicately and realistically sketched, creating attraction for many players. In addition, you will have more than 100 factories with many different branches distributed throughout every city and many other locations. The most important thing to maintain and develop your company is in the field of marketing. It would help if you marketed high-quality cars at reasonable prices while not forgetting to advertise the convenience of your vehicle.

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