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Hyperforma offers an exciting journey into a mysterious system with well-protected cores. You will accompany the character trying to touch these cores to hack them and the player’s journey through many different locations. At the same time, the new elements can be difficult for the player, and the player can acquire skills to ignore the adverse effects of these elements.

Hyperforma Hyperforma


In Hyperforma, players will begin with the story of a mysterious character who is part of the guarantee of the safety of a city. This character has a task to combine with the system; since then, he has been looking for the right answer. At the same time, no one was looking for him over the years, and an important event occurred when a mysterious message was sent. From there, players will begin their journey to explore the system in the game.


The player will control a character with his signature yellow appearance in Hyperforma, and this character’s job is to explore and hack the system. This system comprises many scattered cores that the player needs to collect. At the same time, reaching these cores is not a simple thing when there are many factors surrounding it, and certainly, players will need to choose the right attack time to launch an attack.

The character’s attack characteristics are interesting as the character repeatedly hits the wall and bounces back to continue his attack. At the same time, players can also swipe the screen and rotate the block in the direction they want, and this is completely understandable when different angles will reveal positions that can attack. So, in some cases, players will be able to hack cores earlier instead of having to destroy all protective elements.

Hyperforma Hyperforma


One point that any player will find is the challenging journey in Hyperforma when the cores are completely protected. So, in some cases, players have to rotate the block constantly; they need to attack to find the weak point, and the player can also use the skill he received. Some targets cannot be destroyed when you attack, and others will cause the alarm system to go off, so you can use skills to ignore some adverse effects for a short time.

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the journey into the complex system:

  • The story revolves around a character who has a mysterious story and is connected to a system, and players journey to discover this system.
  • The player’s job is to hack the protected cores to continue their journey, but the target will be carefully protected.
  • The character’s attack can impact the protected cores block, hit the wall, and continue to bounce to sustain the attack properly.
  • Cores are not perfectly protected, and weak points in defense are revealed when the player rotates the cores in different directions.
  • Many challenging elements will appear before the player, and the character will acquire new skills and activate them for a short time.

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