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Havenless is a game where the player is placed in a world full of dangerous infected, and you will learn the characters’ stories for yourself. You will be able to interact with them with different characteristics and circumstances. At the same time, featuring the character of a story-focused game offers challenges where you’re forced to make choices to progress in the story. So here’s the game you’ll love.


The world in Havenless is raging with an epidemic of unknown origin and dizzyingly contagious. Unaware of the impending danger, people’s lives were thrown into chaos as infected people appeared everywhere. At the same time, you will transform into a female character trying to escape from infected people after meeting a priest named John. An unfortunate thing happened to the female protagonist that she was infected.

There are many symptoms to realize that they have been infected, and they are characteristic of infected people whose vision is minimal. The way to perceive objects around is to identify them by sound. At the same time, the main character has been infected and does not know when it will be her last time, and after escaping from the infected, they reunite with a group of people. The player’s journey officially begins here.

Havenless – Otome story game Havenless – Otome story game


The gameplay that the players experience in Havenless is understandable, where you will take your time to find out what is going on in this dangerous world. You will follow the heroine and interact with other characters in your way. At the same time, you can also find important information appearing because they are presented in different ways. You will meet many other characters and continue your journey in this world.

After taking John to the place where the main character is hiding, the player will meet many different characters: Lance – a handsome character in a vest, Shane – a childhood friend of the main character, Lily – the girl who lost family during the pandemic. You will interact with these characters until you come across a problem that you will need to solve, and the way to solve that is to make an appropriate choice. At the same time, this is also the fun that you will experience in this game.


Besides finding a fascinating but equally exciting storyline, you also encounter problems that you need to solve in Havenless. You will see questions and two options that you need to choose according to your wish. At the same time, the choice you make includes non-resources options and choices that require you to pay with diamonds. From there, this also influenced the story development process.

Two choices with different characteristics also often occur in the level, and you do not know when they will appear before you. Also, if you don’t have enough resources, you need to complete the episodes to get them. From there, you will not only experience this game once but many different times. You will discover options that you have not been able to choose before and find many possibilities of the story.

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