Gunfire Hero v0.2.1 MOD APK (Free Items, Stupid Bots) Download


Welcome to Gunfire Hero! The heroes have their equipment and are prepared to launch an assault. The next thing is going to appear, so let’s face the challenge together. Gunfire Hero is a roguelike video game in which the player takes control of one of a number of epic heroes and explores a variety of uncharted locations.

Enjoy a unique adventure while playing this captivating roguelike action game. Playing only requires one finger, and there is no learning curve. You are free to choose from a large selection of talents and to develop your own genres. Enhance your hero to make it simpler to complete levels. Collect fantastic, uncommon, or epic items to outfit your hero, enhance talents, and obtain extra combat abilities throughout the course of the game to boost the hero’s overall battle effectiveness.

Several unique game modes and a deep shooting experience. Discover additional open areas and rooms by switching between the available options. There are still more features, such as Fast Pursuit, VR Training, Mining Source, and others, that need to be unlocked.

Unique mecha cooperates in combat. Choose the Mecha you want to battle with, and take advantage of its exceptional abilities to go through the most interesting stages.

Take part in the global ranking, or begin a whole new mode. World Championship participants have the ability to build their own bases, ships, and defensive towers, compete against other players and steal their resources.

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