Game Booster Launcher v4671r MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download


Game Booster is an application that optimizes game screens in just one workspace. It controls the capacity, performance of each game so you can play games smoother, faster, and without lagging. It monitors your games to speed up the process you’re using them. In addition, it will provide information about storage, ram, and CPU, battery for you; you can adjust these parameters reasonably to boost the gameplay speed up. Moreover, this app also provides convenience for those who play shooting games; you can get better sights than your opponents while playing the game.

Game Booster | Launcher – Faster & Smoother Games Game Booster | Launcher – Faster & Smoother Games


With Game Booster, every time you download any new game, the app will automatically launch to add that game to a browser. It will help you manage and search games easily. When you want to start a game, you just need to access that browser and select it to play. It will save you your precious time, so you just need to focus on playing the game.


Game Booster provides information about the hardware specs. It tells free ram, ram usage, and total ram. It also gives information about the device model, internal storage, and battery levels. Besides, it indicators CPU such as CPU model and CPU cores. Moreover, it shows the information about the resolution on the screen, such as the Open GL version, resolution, and density. All of these will show up on the FPS monitor.

Game Booster | Launcher – Faster & Smoother Games Game Booster | Launcher – Faster & Smoother Games


Users can give feedback about the application usage on the menu bar. You can upgrade this application to the pro version and can share the link with your friends or anywhere you want. You can read the terms and conditions of this application in the About section of the menu bar. In addition, you can also go in to set up personalized settings such as personal privacy, improvement, or remove ads.


Game Booster provides the crosshair extension, it is especially useful and important for people who play shooting games. This feature helps players aim and shoot easily. Besides, the player will not be shaken during the shooting when equipped with the crosshair feature. In addition, the player can easily adjust the parameters of the shooting center on the crosshair such as length, thickness, and outline while they are aiming and shooting.

Game Booster | Launcher – Faster & Smoother Games Game Booster | Launcher – Faster & Smoother Games

Game Booster is a really useful application for those who play games that require strong configuration. For people who have low-capacity devices, you try installing this application to help control the device to the best parameters. When you are playing games, there will be no interruption. If you install new games, the app automatically updates and tracks them. You don’t have to find the device specs or the size of all games you’ve downloaded. So you don’t feel worried when you are playing this game. This app will control all of these for you to have the best emotion.

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