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Flower Girls Tamagotchi Anime gives people impressive times when they can take care of beautiful girls with the appearance of trees. You will find the status bar and address the issues that affect these girls. At the same time, you can easily unlock what you want in the shop, like decorations, or meet beautiful girls.

Flower Girls Tamagotchi Anime


A notable update in the new version of Flower Girls Tamagotchi Anime ultimately attracts players when the character Peony has Christmas skin. At the same time, players can find many decorations and help their girls become more beautiful.


At the start of Flower Girls Tamagotchi Anime, players will choose the girl they want to take care of. These girls have one thing in common: they have human features from their looks and possess the characteristics of plants and flowers. So it’s up to you to pick a girl you like and start spending some impressive time with these girls. It will be a great time, and you will see this character change.

Flower Girls Tamagotchi Anime Flower Girls Tamagotchi Anime

The gameplay that you will experience is similar to My Talking Tom when you observe the mood of this character and solve some necessary problems. They are partly trees, so nutritional problems and hindrances will appear before your eyes. Therefore, you will need to find the essential tools inside the shop to solve and ensure the character’s mood bar is always guaranteed.


As mentioned above, you will need to care about the mood and condition of the girls in Flower Girls Tamagotchi Anime, so when you see a problem, it should be solved immediately. The items you can buy in the shop are completely diverse such as fertilizers, secateurs, Phyto lamps, and many more. You will know their effectiveness when buying them, and some decorations like garlands will make your girls amazing.

An interesting point that you need to pay attention to is that you will need to earn money to buy the above elements. At the same time, this money can completely be earned through minigames with different gameplays. For example, you can find weird mushrooms with minesweeper gameplay, find similar cards, and much more. You can choose different difficulty levels to earn more money in each round.

Flower Girls Tamagotchi Anime Flower Girls Tamagotchi Anime


An interesting point that only the girls in Flower Girls Tamagotchi Anime possess is the different shapes. Each girl has three states, including the child, teen, and adult, and you can find these shapes through care or using potions available in the shop. At the same time, you can also unlock more plant girls and see how cute and interactive they are. Surely this game will bring you a great experience.

You won’t be able to miss encounters with plant girls:

  • Players will meet plant girls with impressive plant and flower features that you need to take good care of.
  • Each character possesses a mood bar that can be affected by adverse factors that you need to deal with quickly.
  • The number of items you can unlock in the shop is \diverse such as care items, decorations, and even plant girls.
  • You will need to participate in different minigames to earn money and buy the items you feel are necessary.
  • In the new version of the game, you will find new skins for Peony and unlock incredible decorations for the characters.

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