Download Minion Rush v9.0.0h APK (Latest version) for Android


Minion Rush – everyone-friendly running challenge, where you’ll join Minion in a running challenge. Along with that is a series of different mysterious missions for Gru and your teammates. The process of making the endless track will encounter many challenges, a series of obstacles, and countless traps waiting for you. Show your ability to be careful and dodge traps in the lab or be careful when jumping into the hideouts of enemy gangs.


An exciting racing game with daily mystery quests, train your warrior in the new endless running mode. You will find a lot of fun in Minion Rush, and we continuously update new features for you to experience. In particular, in the endless running mode, players must chase Robonanas to test their abilities. Conquer as many Robonanas, and you will assert your ability.

Try to participate in all races and complete the assigned tasks, whether confrontation or defense against the enemy. If done well, you can top the leaderboards, which is where you show everyone your strength and ability. As the player ranks higher in most rankings in this new version, you can graduate with a higher class. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to win many unique prizes for your unlimited adventure.

Minion Rush: infinite run game Minion Rush: infinite run game


Have you ever entered the race without limit? Minion Rush will be the beginning for you to know the experience of non-stop racing. Join the Minions in this friendly racing game and go on mysterious quests for valuable rewards. Don’t be afraid to get bored; we continually add challenges right in your adventure; join now! If you love the cuteness of Minions, this is a game that you cannot ignore.


Behind an exciting race will be greeted with super attractive challenges, and especially, many secret missions are waiting for you and your teammates to complete. Most of the stories and prizes that appear in Minion Rush have different unlocking methods, and players must complete particular tasks to have the opportunity to admire them. Thereby, the player must collect the mysterious areas in each challenge by showing the skills like a hero.


The game will be even more interesting, not just a spartan race; It seems to be a war of superheroes. Join now for a chance to show off your strength and creativity. In addition to mysterious missions, you must complete dangerous missions – confront a series of cunning enemies. And most of all, collect mysteries and defeat them with the skills you acquire. Join now for a chance to show off your strength and ingenious skills, and you will get many valuable items behind it.


Not only is it a race of adorable Minions, but you also have to complete it when doing side quests. It’s not just about beautifying your appearance; and it’s the key to unlocking your chances of winning. Also, collect different outfits that appear on your run. Collect those skins to add special abilities such as scoring bonus points, increasing running speed, or attracting many other valuable items. It’s the perfect tool to help you complete the challenges presented with ease.

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