Download LineX White Icon Pack v4.3 APK (Patched) for Android


LineX White Icon Pack is a treasure trove of icons that only exist in one white color, but the special and unique effects it brings are enormous. You will see that each icon is an architectural work from the creators with more than 4900 icons. Not only that, you can adjust their size when applied to the main screen. In addition, a collection of optimized wallpapers with basic color tones are waiting for you.


The uniqueness that only LineX White Icon Pack possesses is that the shape of the icon is created from lines, curves, and other geometries to create meaningful shapes. It can be said that each icon that is born is an architectural masterpiece of artisans. Not only that, you will be living in a world covered with clean white and unmistakable luxury.

LineX White Icon Pack LineX White Icon Pack


Did you know that the average user turns on and off his phone more than 50 times a day? So that you don’t get bored every time you encounter a mobile device, we allow the icon pack to be changed according to the time the player has preset. Therefore, your screen appears extremely new every time, making the experience and online life more enjoyable; every day, using the phone is a joy of the day.


You can easily search for anyone icon by any topic with the intelligent search system. They work based on the keywords that the user provides and conduct information filtering, giving results from the closest to your request. From here, you’ll never be overwhelmed by this jumble of diverse icons again. Users will save a lot of time and effort.

LineX White Icon Pack LineX White Icon Pack


With many other similar applications, you can change the icon’s color, but the size cannot. Therefore, LineX White Icon Pack quickly learns and responds to your needs immediately when it comes to customizing the size. Precisely, you can control the icon with the ability to zoom up to 100% to 120% depending on the viewing angle and preferences and needs of the customer.

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