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As an enthusiast of house design as well as unique interiors, you definitely cannot ignore this game. However, to be able to complete the houses as you want, you will need to complete the operations to be more fluent in the design. Besides, the game will give you an eye-catching play space to help you gain more experience and adventure in a new context in this innovative game.

Home Design : Caribbean Life


Home Design: Caribbean Life is the perfect place to explore everything while showing off the skills you create unique designs. The game will turn your dreams into reality to bring you the most fantastic space with unique designs. Your mission is to accompany the characters, including Jennifer and Kelvin; you can choose one of two characters to play. They are one of the top designers with famous collections that help you open your eyes and learn from experience to be more creative. In addition to creating a more vivid feeling for the player, you will be moved to the Caribbean Bay, a familiar location in the pirate movie.

Home Design : Caribbean Life


You will start your work in this peaceful and exciting Caribbean Bay, kick off your work, and perfect things to get new items. The game will provide you with the necessary materials for you to build the house you love and decorate it. Not only building a house, but you can also enjoy all the outstanding beauty when coming to this peaceful land. The game will give you a lot of work, including designing the pool, cleaning, changing the floor tiles, choosing a waterfall, and much more so you won’t have a moment to rest. In addition, after completing the interior and exterior, you will proceed to choose colors according to the colors, from luxurious and classic to extremely diverse. Search you can also look for inspiration and creativity to paint a picture in your own style.

Home Design : Caribbean Life


The challenges will gradually increase as your customers turn to you to ask for their favorite designs and homes. You need to serve your customers well and fulfill their desires in order to deliver the best experience and create your own brand. Besides, customers will come to your area and make requirements and designs for you to implement. An interesting thing here is that the guests will bring different requirements for you to start your quest in each location and time period. Choose furniture, design your home and serve your customers in the best way to earn more collectibles and valuable rewards.

Home Design : Caribbean Life


The game will provide you with exciting challenges so that you can experience and express yourself through different styles. Besides, you will meet and interact with special guests with their own personalities, including celebrities and more. Your work will continuously increase so you need to complete everything to conquer new goals. Plus want to add decorations or furniture you can do by playing the match-3 minigame. The game will provide you with a vibrant system of items, including tables and chairs, beds, swimming pools, and various other items for you to create a unique house. Players can create new styles to impress and attract more customers.

Home Design : Caribbean Life


  • Show your design skills through the game’s unique designs and systems; your task is to decorate everything in your style and serve your customers the best.
  • The gameplay is simple but extremely interesting to help you get the most enjoyable experience and you can choose the designs that the game provides to complete your house.
  • Each level will contain different stories that require players to show their skills to be able to conquer new goals, enjoy the unique Caribbean Bay setting, and build their brand. Friend.
  • In turn, the customers will visit your place and make requests for you to do; your job is to build according to their design.
  • To be able to adjust or add the items you want you can join the match-3 minigame to fulfill those requirements. Now is the time to become the most talented designer.

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