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The Tribez is a game where players will transform into a chef of the tribe and help them grow and prosper. You will easily access the mechanics inside this game and fulfill the requirements that it brings. At the same time, over time, you will see your tribe gradually grow, and new buildings will appear. From there, the residents will help you develop the tribe stably.

The Tribez: Build a Village


The story begins when two other men in The Tribez are attacking a girl named Aurora, and when they are about to attack her, a yellow machine emerges from the water. It made these two men panic because they thought it was a sea monster, and the person inside this machine saved Aurora. At the same time, Aurora is a person who has received word from the spirits that a chef will come to the island and can help them develop it.

The initial goal of tourism has now turned into a permanent settlement on this island to develop it after having a fateful meeting with Aurora. You will be utterly impressed with what this island possesses when it has a stunning natural environment. In the middle of that area, it will be the settlement of a tribe. From there, you will be the one to take the first steps to develop and build new elements from huts to farms to grow vegetables. So you will spend your time caring about this tribe.

The Tribez: Build a Village


In The Tribez, players will be able to build various huts inside the tribe’s living quarters and realize its size’s modesty. At the same time, its area is relatively small and covered with many trees around. The first essential element that you will need to build is the hut, and it has a significant role in the game that is to increase the number of workers of that tribe. If you desire to build something, then you will need to have a character do this.

Once you’ve finished building, mining begins. This mining takes place on many fronts that you can easily be interested in. Specifically, you can get food from wild fruits on the island, but they will be pretty limited and not produced as continuously as the vegetables you grow. In addition, with the amount of labor you have, you can cut down some trees to build other buildings. Each time you recover something, you will know how many resources you get.

The Tribez: Build a Village


You can own many resources inside this game, such as food, coins, and many other resources in The Tribez. Each type plays a different role that you cannot ignore and focus on developing a single thing. At the same time, the buildings that you build contribute to the development of the tribe as you will receive money from the huts, or the forester’s hut will bring some orders and tools for the residents to make. From there, you will receive a reward for this work.

Another essential factor that you should not overlook is the number of quests that may appear before you. Specifically, you will find different tasks with requirements and magnifying glass icons to help you know it is related to this building. It will help you earn many resources through development and promote you to level up quickly. So, after a few minutes of experience, you will see the tribe on the island growing and new buildings being built.

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