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Do you enjoy your life today? There are 7 billion unique individuals in the world today and we’re scattered all around the world. Each one of us has unique lives and likes different things with different jobs. Because of this, there are different people you can meet and have fun with today. But in BitLife, you can start a new life as someone random and make choices all throughout.

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In this fun game from Candywriter, you’re responsible for the choices you’ll make throughout your life from birth do death. Here, you will spend time with your parents and siblings and go to school at the start. Then, you can also enjoy doing different things together with family and going to the doctor. Here, you’ll see the different stats of your character such as the happiness, health, smarts and looks. Every choice you make has an impact on your overall stat in the game as you grow older.

Live Your Life

There are so many people around the world today and some are going to school, some have jobs, some are retired and some are still babies. We are all unique individuals with unique tastes, experiences and predispositions in life. As such it’s a lot of fun to live our lives when we get what we want. In BitLife, you’ll enjoy living a random life from birth until death. Here, you’ll be able to do all things such as go to school, find jobs, buying houses and cars as well as marrying someone.

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At the start, you will generate a life randomly and you’ll live the life of a toddler until he grows up. Here, you’ll go to the doctor, you’ll go to school and you’ll spend a lot of time with your parents. Here, you’ll be able to form different relationships such as your parents, friends, and even lovers. You will also make decisions throughout your life such as your sexual orientation, social media and many more. There are a lot of choices you’ll make that you need to think about first.

Overall, this is a fun game that lets you live unlimited lives but each of them depends on your choices.

BitLife Features

Life is sometimes hard, sometimes easy and most of the time confusing. In BitLife, you will experience a unique life based on your decisions.

Start a Life – There are so many people alive today specifically over 7 billion. This number would be much higher in the coming years and decades. However, each of us are unique in our own ways as we make different choices, live in different environments and born to different families. In BitLife, you can simulate a life from life to death and you can enjoy it however you want. In this simulation game, you’ll experience the different stages of life.

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Here, you will live through all the years of your life and everything will depend on your choices. Here, you have a choice on what you want to do such as taking the driver’s license exam or not, exercising or not, spend time with your mother or not or even going to school or not. There are literally so many things to do in this game that you’ll enjoy doing a lot. Here, you can meditate, go to the library, go to school and even get a job.

Enjoy Making Choices – There are so many simulation games that are available to play nowadays. But in this one, you’re the sole decision-maker in your life. Here, you’re responsible for all the choices you make such as studying or not, picking a major in college, finding a date, studying harder, going to the club and many more. Here, you’ll experience all there is to life depending on what choices you make. There are so many things to do and experience in this fun simulation game.

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Different Aspects – Here, there are different aspects that you’ll enjoy and that you’ll take note of every time. There’s school, assets, relationships and activities. Each of these are subdivided into different activities that you can do to nourish each aspect of your life. You can go clubbing, go to the doctor, get your driving license, emigrate, buy a lottery ticket, find love, train your mind and body and many more.

Here, each choices and things you do will have an effect on your overall life and future life. Enjoy unique things today!

Enjoy different lives – Here, you can start different lives every time. You will be born randomly as you’ll have unique families and circumstances.

Stats – In this game, everything you do will have an effect on your happiness, health, smarts and looks. You can make it go up and down depending on what you prioritize.

Download BitLife Mod APK – Mod menu & Unlimited money

Enjoy living a unique life today in BitLife! Become a popular musician, or spend your life on a corporate job – the choice is yours.


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