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Gerand is an online action game featuring fierce and hectic battles from fearsome tanks. They also come with various expressions and anthropomorphic features, making each fight entertaining and full of potential to give everyone the most exhilarating battles with friends.

Gerand – bent barrels


The control or gameplay mechanism in Gerand is simple. That is, the player must destroy the enemy before the time is up or destroyed. The players’ positions are all placed opposite each other, and they need to take advantage of physics to gain the upper hand or adjust the shooting angle properly. Depending on the type of tank the player drives, their performance or environmental influences are different to diversify the gameplay.

Gerand – bent barrels


The variety of game modes will also give players many options to entertain their friends as their content and rules are different. Moreover, every battle’s tempo varies from mode to mode, like fast, slow, and tough, making the battlefield more fun and exciting. Many special game modes are only unlocked during events or occasions, but their potential and creativity are great for players to enjoy.

Gerand – bent barrels


The tanks in Gerand are al fearsomely designed, tempered, and packed with features that make it a true war machine. Thanks to its lovely cartoon graphics, the tanks all exude a distinct beauty but also create a fear to fight fairly with other players. Of course, every tank comes with a simple upgrade system for players to make the most of their combat capabilities.

Gerand – bent barrels


Almost every map and battlefield takes on a brutal and tragic beauty from the aftermath of war. Those maps are still suitable as open battlefields for all tanks, even making the fight more fascinating than ever no matter what type of tank the player is fighting with. The game will introduce many new maps to diversify the environment and atmosphere of every war.

Gerand is a simple but entertaining game that uses cartoon hand-drawn graphics and anthropomorphizes tanks with violent and combative emotions. Special gameplay details will also gradually unfold over time, giving players many fun moments while enjoying simple but intense battles with friends.

Gerand – bent barrels

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