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Auto Clicker provides an easy-to-understand feature that performs automatic clicks with a time interval that the user can freely choose. It can be either zero or fixed time operations or cycle count operations. In addition, you can find circles in different clicking modes and bring them to the places where you want to click. Surely the experience will be guaranteed when you remove the ads.

Auto Clicker – Automatic tap Auto Clicker – Automatic tap


If you are a person who often performs the task of clicking the screen continuously and gets bored, then you should choose Auto Clicker as a perfect help solution. Specifically, it will allow you to set up various features so that clicking is done automatically without your presence. You will be able to do other things, but the busy things related to the click are still being done, and it has many different applications.


Once you’ve mastered the Auto Clicker feature, you’ll be able to go inside the app and learn its elements. Specifically, you can easily see three different items, and each item has a feature that you cannot ignore. You can learn the features of each of these items without spending too much time learning. So you will come to the first item, which is a single target mode that helps you hit a target continuously.


In Auto Clicker’s single-target mode section, you will quickly see information and how to enable this feature. Specifically, after you successfully activate it, you will see a circle, and you can drag it to any position you want. The circle indicating the location will be clicked automatically, and their number will increase when you switch to multi-target mode. In addition, you should not neglect the setting of the operating time.

Auto Clicker – Automatic tap Auto Clicker – Automatic tap


Setting the operating time is necessary as it meets your needs when using Auto Clicker. Specifically, you will see when the click feature is active and have three options: unknown, for a period, and by the number of cycles. You also need to pay attention to the time interval between two clicks, and it depends on the purpose you use. For example, some idle games require you to press repeatedly to perform attacks.


You will undoubtedly be impressed with this application’s experience, and before considering installing the application, you should know about some related information. Specifically, the application only supports operating systems from 7.0 and above, and this comes from the application’s functionality may be limited to lower operating systems. In addition, the operation of the application sometimes requires stability for the clicking to take place continuously and requires a stable operating device.


Automatical clicking will not need to go through other intermediary steps; in other words, you need to install the application to experience all the features that the application has to offer. The app asserts that users don’t need to be rooted to use the app, and this is also something that users will love. Sometimes they don’t want to try complicated and dangerous methods on their device and want a straightforward experience.

Auto Clicker – Automatic tap


During the use of the application, you will undoubtedly be able to take full advantage of the simple and effective features of the application; certainly, you will be able to see the advertisements that appear. So, to ensure your experience is not too much of a problem, you can upgrade the session when you select the last section of the application. Those annoying ads will disappear after a few seconds and return your perfect experience.

The auto-click feature is useful to you in many cases:

  • You will access the easy-to-use interface of the application and set up automatic clicks on desired locations at different time intervals.
  • The application provides two main modes, single and multi-target modes, and the number of click circles will also change.
  • The user can set the operating period from unknown to specified, and the application only works on operating systems from 7.0 and above.
  • Once you install the app, you don’t need to worry about rooting your device to use the full features and focus on what the app has.
  • The number of ads that appear is quite diverse, and you will be able to remove them when activating the last section of the application.

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