Ash Arm Doll v1.1.46 MOD APK (Auto Battle Always Enabled) Download


Unlike normal action games, Ash Arm Doll brings a new color. The visual interface is carefully invested with impressive and sophisticated anime-style graphics. Rester is a dangerous substance that is about to destroy human civilization. This is the time for you to promote your fighting ability; the doll will embody and use weapons to attack the evil hordes.


Ash Arm Doll will give you 10 beautiful and top-notch rookies for free. Besides, if you are not satisfied with the given features, you will be allowed to redesign according to your own wishes. What could be more incredible is when you can participate in a world of exploration and creation. This freedom of play will give you the satisfaction of being immersed in the world of dolls. You are allowed to customize and revise the characters until you are most satisfied. We do not limit the number of edits, providing an unlimited experience with the world of extremely trendy and fresh graphics.


Diverse and fun parallel gameplay creates an extremely refreshing feeling and attracts players. When fighting on two fronts in the air and on the ground, be prepared to fight in the harshest weather and terrain conditions. Missions will be constantly updated, challenging your attack ability and intelligence. With two forms of combat, you are forced to equip many powerful and multi-dimensional attack skills. Not only do you have to dominate the ground, but you also have to be the leader in the air. Hundreds of innovative methods optimal features are ready for you to apply and experience.


Integrating as many powerful combat weapons as possible will benefit you in combat. In the store of Ash Arm Doll, we have given you too many attractive choices: anti-aircraft guns, bombers, guerrilla planes, Tiger tanks, Spitfire fighters… You will be truly overwhelmed with what the game has to offer. Invest in your arsenal, use them smartly and flexibly on the battlefield to create a competitive and fierce war party. Bring in uncompromising, top-notch matches to prove your determination to destroy your arch-enemies.


You are not only transforming into a lovely anime doll, but you also have to carry a mission to save humanity that is about to perish. Don’t just focus on character design; focus on protecting the bunker and protecting them from enemy attacks. Rester will not spare any innocent civilians. The forces often have fiery conflicts and never-ending conflicts of interest. Find a way to stabilize this place by smashing the plot of dangerous matter.


Under the fiery attacks, the massacre survivors had to set up a bunker and hide there. A new turning point that marks the return of human civilization, the Church of Ashes has created a unique DOLLS character with unparalleled strength and skills. Everyone gathered together and established a new battle base to retaliate against the enemy. The corporate academies provided this place with specialized combat weapons for self-defense and defense against the enemy’s might. Do everything to protect the safety of the residents and find a way to enter on all battlefronts.


To solve difficult problems, The Church of Ashes and its alliances have elected an agent whose role is to assist you during the dispute. The agent will find a way to rally and lead the dolls in the team to carry out the mission. This war will not only be alone; the agent will accompany you to lead the war to the end. This will be a special highlight so that players do not feel too pressured before the overlapping difficulties of fiery battles.


  • Ash Arm Doll is a war world of peaceful civilization of powerful fighting dolls.
  • You are free to design your own characters according to your personal preferences, and everything is completely free.
  • The parallel battlefront doubles the player’s difficulty along with the air and ground battlefields.
  • An arsenal of aircraft, vehicles, guns, bombs with significant damage is still waiting for you to collect and use.
  • The top mission is to rescue poor people from endless conflicts of interest.
  • The bunker will be the refuge of the poor people and the most crucial battle base.
  • Agents will assist you in commanding the dolls linking allied organizations to quickly complete missions.

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