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You are transported to a distant future, where humanity has officially merged with the vast universe and discovered a new sky, especially the Milky Way, where humans have begun to settle in. They will conquer all the planets in the galaxy and become mighty inhabitants. This is also the cause of the conflict that makes the creatures begin to rise and resolve to counterattack humanity.


Initially, the Galaxy was immersed in its idyllic appearance; when the official crisis hit, the dark forces from different multi-dimensional spaces quickly arrived and began to occupy your territory. It is difficult to overcome this great war completely; almost all the residents do not react in time; they are defeated in turn on just one note.

Disgruntled by the above events that make you unable to stand by and watch your beautiful galaxy be brutally destroyed, now only you exist in this vast space. After receiving the order, you will play as the captain of a super-powerful battleship and begin the journey to destroy the evil, return peace to the galaxy. Use the weapons and skills you accumulate to make fighting easier.

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter


If you are a fan of fighting games like Shooting Flies – Shooting classic planes, you will surely feel familiar with the gameplay and gameplay style of the game. Improved from previous versions, you will experience the true feeling of bravely fighting enemies that appear everywhere in space in this game. They can attack you anywhere, making you feel like you’re in a real fight.

As a multi-purpose super battleship captain, you will have to direct your aircraft to attack opponents while dodging their counterattacks. Although the terrain is not too complicated, it only encapsulates a small space, but if you ignore it, you will most likely be trounced. Once you start playing, you need to be highly focused and fight hard with the mission and great responsibility assigned.


The speed of play will gradually increase as you progress into new levels, which means more enemies will overflow with improved power and may make you unable to keep up with the new levels of their attack. The challenges also begin to increase gradually, requiring you to have for yourself a perfect skill and mastery of the gameplay when experiencing Fly Shooting – Classic Airplane Shooting.

In addition, you can collect loot for yourself to upgrade equipment and refurbish your warhorse. The game will give you 4 legendary ships with many unique functions and heavy damage for you to control and engage with space enemies. A lot of challenges are waiting for you, so equip yourself with the necessary skills and always be ready to overcome the challenge to complete the goal.


You will experience all three vibrant features of Shooting Flies – Classic Airplane Shooting. The first is the campaign feature, where you experience 150 levels with thrilling adventures. Update both hard and effortless modes simultaneously depending on the player’s ability, and to be able to unlock new levels, you must defeat all the enemies in the previous levels.

The other two features are free-to-play and event combo. In addition, after each login, you will receive a gift in the chest, making fighting more straightforward. One factor that makes players always feel interesting is constantly innovating and adding shortcomings to the game. To increase the uniqueness and not to be boring, the publisher has launched various events set in real life, such as Halloween, Christmas, and creating a realistic and unique space for players. If you are looking for a game with a space battle theme, then Fly Shooter – Classic Airplane Shooting is a perfect choice.


  • Many enemies aliens of all ranks and sizes, from simple soldiers to elites and giant bosses you must utilize abilities to navigate your spacecraft and fire adversaries of various power.
  • In multiple modes, the aliens’ sky force presents distinct problems in each mode. There are now campaign, hard, endless, and PVP modes. In PVP, you may fire against other pilots.
  • Upgrade and evolve your spacecraft to obtain new power and talents. Using a stronger ship will help you beat the enemy’s blows.
  • A variety of spaceships and drones to collect, each with its own skill get a superpower by unlocking legendary space shooter ships.
  • Monthly seasonal events with distinct incentives. Make your galaxy guardian team powerful and awesome.

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